Aid Stations, Crew & Dropping

Aid Stations

The aid stations will be stocked with goodies provided by our sponsors and others great eats that we pick up. We’ll update this as we get closer to race day so you know exactly what will be provided.

The aid stations will be manned by family and friends that volunteer their time to camp and had out food. If you know anyone that would be interested in helping out, please shoot us an email at [email protected]

Below is a table of the aid station location and distance between each one. The distances are approximate.

Pacers and Crew

Pacers and crew are allowed the entire race. The event is in national forest and majority in wilderness area which prevents the use of traffic other than by foot.

We’ll soon post a map showing the course and aid station locations. The aid station locations will be the best spot for your crew to access you and a pacer to get on or off the course.


The best spot if you need to drop from the race will be at one of the manned aid stations. We’ll make sure to have a vehicle with 1 or 2 extra seats available in their car just in case. You will have to wait until the aid station crew leaves their camp. If you need to get back to the start quicker your best bet would be to drop near Brainard Lake and hitch hike out. A lot of people use Brainard lake for day use hiking and will be able to take you to Ned or Boulder.