XC vs Enduro

The Cougar Slayer XC is our traditional cross country format.

There is no difference between XC & Enduro. We will have everyone’s overall XC time posted and Enduro segments time posted. We will have a prize for the fastest overall XC Time and best Enduro time.


You can either ride the course on our own or ride it fast and light on “Cougar Day” with our supplied aid stations and support.
The course is nothing to take lightly. It is not only a difficult route with technical descents but has long climbs that will trash your legs just in time to cause hesitation and carelessness for the descent.


How are we timing the descents you might ask for Enduro?


XC results are overall time to complete the course, Enduro will be timed on particular downhill segments.


Enduro timing: after riding the course and hammering the descents, send us your GPS¬†activity file as usual. A computer wiz has developed a software program that takes everyone’s activity file and spits out a table of the racers segment/stage times. Each racer will be given a point for their position in the field with the fastest stage time receiving 1 point. Adding up the points from each stage will determine the winner. This allows a racer to have a bad stage and still be in contention for a win. If you don’t complete a stage you’ll get the max points possible for the stage.

In the example below, racer D wins.