Quick Course Description

2019 course is similar to 2018 with exception to a clockwise lolly-pop loop that doesn’t intersect at West Mag.


70 miles
9,496 ft gain
12,339 ft descent

Here is a quick and basic course description.

Start at the Nederland High School and ride some West Mag trails including Hobbit 1,2 & 3, make our way back to the Ned High School then to the town of Eldora.

Then we ride up 505 to the top of Caribou, drop down the Full Ned Secret trail which is a super fun long descent. Make our way to the Sourdough trail by going up high on the 505, After sourdough we go up the dirt road toward Lefthand Res hitting up Little Raven then the full St.Vrain which is a technical descent. Then head over toward Gold Lake, some secret trails toward Jamestown. Climb Slaughter House Gulch and descend Flying Squirrel, a tech dirt rd descent. Shortly down Lefthand Canyon, up Roweena to the top of Lee Hill. Down pavement to the Lee Hill Trailhead lot in which we take a dirt bike path south to the Foothills Community Park.

To sum it up, we link some of the best downhill single tracks between Nederland and Boulder, most of which you probably haven’t ridden or knew existed.


This course is not easy. A few of the climbs are long and the descents are technical. It’s one of those events that you actually have to rest on the climb cause the descents are going to take a lot from you.


If you have done any of the Cougar Slayers in the past you have an idea of what the course is like.