Course Description

2019 course is similar to 2018 with exception to a clockwise lolly-pop loop that doesn’t intersect at West Mag.

67.5 miles
8,500 ft gain
10,500 ft descent


Course Description 
1) From Ned high school, ride up the Ned High School ” Sugar Magnolia” trail toward West Mag. Take your first left onto 926A heading West toward the West Mag Trailhead. Proceed to Re-Root, Hobbit 1 & 2 going clockwise. After finishing Hobbit 2, head to the main dirt rd climb (105) toward the School Bus trail (we don’t do that trail). Before getting to the school bus trail, take a right on a single track that leads into the trees. This trail is the “Roots trail” which most people take as an alternative climb. Descend this trail which will be an Enduro section. Half way down you get out of the trees for a second and there is a faint trail to the right. Take this trail which continues the rad-ness. There are some tight trees so be careful. This trail will lead you back to Hobbit 3. At this point take Hobbit 3 North toward the High School. Take the trail which you intially climbed back tot he High School, this will be a great spot for your first stash bag for an aid station.

After your personal aid station, head on the paved road to the town of Eldora.

2) When at the town the paved road veers to the left slightly or can go straight on a dirt road. Take the dirt road straight

Go striaght


Take your first right at a 4-way intersection.

Take a right


The road will loop back to the right and take your next left on 505.

Take a left


3) Go North/West on CR505 toward the top. When near the top there is a faint trail “Ned Full Secret” to the right that descends. You will defiantly need your GPS to find the entrance if you haven’t done it before.

Ned Secret Trail 50 yards passed the flex sign.

Ned Full Secret trail bombs for awhile. The trail will cross a dried creek, maybe wet, continue on it until it T’s with a dirt rd. Take a right at this T and take it to the dirt rd which is Caribou Rd. T

4) Climb the rd couple switch backs to Sherwood Forest descent. After Sheerwood head North on the Peak to Peak highway. Just after passing the sugarloaf rd take the frontage rd on the left hand side. Continue on the Frontage rd until it T’s with the Peak to Peak again. Ride the Peak to Peak to the colorado research center / sourdough trail head.

5) Ride the full Sourdough trail north to Brainard Lake parking lot. When you get to the paved road, continue directly across toward the St.Vrain trail. The trail will eventually T at the bottom with a dirt rd and you can see the paved Peak to Peak highway on the right. This was one long DH segment, ouch!

6) Ride South on Peak to Peak highway for almost a min and take your first left on the 103. Hang a slight right which becomes 100. At a large sign take a left toward Gold Lake Lodge on Gold Lake Rd. This trail is mostly downhill with some flats. There will be some private property signs to the right and left. There is a sharp right hand turn on 372.

Ride 372 there is a sign that says dead end ahead and a slight trail off to the right, ignore the sign and continue ahead which doesn’t actually end. There is a small stream crossing. This trail will curve around the south side of Gold Lake and merge into the main dirt rd which is now 509. Go right on this road, continue past 102J, following the trail which starts to head south. Take a hard left, if you pass it you’ll immediately see a wood fence on the right side of the rd that says to not enter the area.

This trail is Strava “hooter”, it slowly climbs and T’s at it’s end with a dirt rd. When you first get on this trail you can take another hard left, don’t do this cause it will descend to 102J and you’ll have to hike out 🙁

7) At this T, you hang a left (North) and begin heading downhill on the dirt rd. You’ll come to an area on your right with a ton of downed trees and many that are stacked. The trail is thru this area (photo coming, will also work on the trail to make it more visible). navigate thru the downed trees heading East. Eventually it will be come clear that you are on a single track. This trail will begin to descend and become technical. Part way down the trail it starts to become a rough dirt rd. There is a intersection on the right, take it. You can go straight but it will come back to it anyways. This section is very rutted and loose. After a couple hundred yards you’ll you an open clearing on the left with a single track. Take the single track on the left. It mainly descends but has a very small incline grade at a point. Follow this trail until it opens again and there will be another faint trail to the right. Head right and pass a gate/fence. The single track now has a lot of switch backs. When it gets closer to the bottom you’ll be able to see a house and a sharp right hand turn. Take the turn which will drop you to the very bottom and a small little creek.

If you carry a filter this might be a good spot to get some water before the next big climb.

8) Cross the little creek and look for a faint trail to the right which crosses an open meadow. The trail will be on the other side of the meadow in the trees. The trail will climb a steep slope and then come to an intersection. Stay right which heads South West. The trail will soon head slightly more east and come to a dirt rd intersection. Climb this dirt rd to the top. This dirt rd is Slaughter House Gulch, it’s a tough one. It climbs and climbs. When you get to the top you’ll be at a big intersection of trails. Continue South dropping over the other side. The descent is Flying Squirrel. It is loose when it’s dry outside and there are some good size rocks that can defiantly cause trouble if you get out of control.


9) When you get to the bottom you are now at Lefthand Canyon. Go left heading East downhill until you get to the intersection of James Canyon and Lefthand Canyon. On the other side of the road there is a steep 20ft hike-a-bike. Hike up this to the OHV trails. Follow the trail paralleling lefthand and eventually it will spit you out at lefthand.

10) Follow Lefthand canyon to Oldstage. Climb Oldstage and descend into North Boulder.

11) Take this all the way down into Boulder. You’ll be out of the hills and will see a gravel parking lot on the right, Lee Hill Trailhead. If you passed 6th street you went too far. Go thru the parking lot and ride the gravel path South. You’ll pass a dog park and will see a large park with gazebos. The finish is at the Gazebo.

Finish is at the Gazebo

Congrats! You are going to be trashed and ready for some Mexican food and beer.