Course Map

Here is a link to the GPS course file thru Ride With GPS.

To download the gpx file, go to export at the top right. You can then download a gpx or tcx file. At the bottom right of the page there are instructions for specific Garmin’s.

One note on the course, the trail leading to the Primitive is hard to find. In 2018 I went off course about 30 feet and had to back track. Got lost due to all the fog and rain when I raced it. Just follow the gps and you’ll find it.

Here is a link to the course map:,

The first loop at West Mag is not correct on the course map, the aid stations are of course not correct either.

The map is a google map which means you have to have a google account, its super easy to set one up. You don’t need to have a gmail account, you can use you normal email address, just takes 10 seconds. Here is the link

Below is the profile from 2018. The first 8.2 miles shown is not 100% correct but is a good estimate on elevation gain. After mile 8.2 it is exactly the same as the 2018 course. The first section at West Mag is now 3.25 miles longer with a total distance of 70 miles.