Berthoud Metal Works makes our 1st place XC & Enduro awards.
I’ll try and dig up some photos. Each year they are different.

Here are the buckles:

1) Handmade buckle for under 7 hours course completion

2) Original buckle, an option for time under 8 hours

3) One of the earlier buckles designed, an option for under 8 hours

4) The latest designed buckle, an option for all finishers

5) Looking at different colors of the finishers buckle to give away for under 7 hours. Will post some pics when some good ones are produced.


Please note, if you complete the course under a time goal that buckle is yours! If you get under 7 hours, you can pick any buckle you want.
If you are a finisher not under a time goal, you can forgo your registration fee refund for the finishers buckle.

Berthoud Metalworks will be at the finish party engraving your buckle with your name and time.