Mountain biking is an awesome sport and is growing rapidly. Most of us get out often and eventually sign up for a costly event to see how we compare to others but most importantly, push our won limits. Pushing our limits is easiest to do at a race or event due to the luxury of aid stations so we don’t have to schlep our food and water around.  Also having a lot of others pushing toward the same goal encourages us to push past the level we typical would.

Participating in races and events are getting more and more expensive every year. The main idea behind the Cougar Slayer is that we as racers shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to push our limits on epic trails. With a little bit of work upfront we are able to host some stellar races absolutely FREE. We keep the costs of hosting the races by limiting the number of racers, limit the number of course markings, reaching out to sponsors, and asking our friends and family to volunteer.

We have had some amazing sponsors over the years donating food for the aid stations, beer for the post party and prizes at the finish. Our friends and family have really helped out as well. Last year Tim not only raced in the bike race but brewed a keg that we crushed at the finish.

There are always small hidden costs associated with running the event, we offset those cost by selling apparel we designed. 100% of the clothing sales go toward the aid station and the post party treats…and is cool to wear.

A successful event is one that no one gets too injured and everyone has a blast

Come out and race with us.